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Susan asks…

Does anyone perform acquisitions in the Air Force?

I currently work for the Army as a civilian in the acquisitions field. I have been really thinking lately about joining the Air Force to pay for my maters degree and all of the other benefits for my family. Can someone tell me what its like in the acquisitions/contract field in the Air Force? I would go in as an officer because I have a bachelors degree in business. Do acquisitions personnell deploy? What is a normal day like? Should I even think about going into the Air Force as an almost 29 year old female? Anything you could tell me would help alot.

admin answers:

Over the years that Air Force has been broadening who gets deployed. Now more than ever, the Air Force is deploying people from areas (like aquisitions) that traditionally did not deploy before. Often people from aquisitions will deploy as a quality assessment representative (QAR) and word for DCMA (Defense Contracts Management Agency) in theater. Sometimes aquisitions people will deploy as an operations officer too.

A normal day is usually like what you would see in many traditional jobs. Depending on where you are stationed and what position you work on, you may typically see a 7:30 to 5:00 day although hours will very often fluctuate because at times you will have military specific duties you would need to perform and sometimes the day to day mission (your job) may require an earlier start or a later finish. Don’t forget that it many aquisitions positions that travelling may be required whether it is for meetings, training, testing etc.

As far as joining as a 29 year old? I went through Officer Training School at the ripe young age of 29 after having served 12 years as enlisted…it is something you can do and my biggest advice to you to get ready is to hit the gym and start running. There will be physical fitness requirements (push ups, sit ups, running etc) as well as academic requirements (OTS is 3 months long). Both parts are demanding and the better physical shape you are in, the more time you can dedicate to the academics.

Laura asks…

i got a appointment latter from a hotel in china is it a fake or true?
Address: Avenue Jean-Paul II, 08 BP 0879 –China

Prof. Peter Yun

Date: 29-09-2007



We refer to your earlier forwarded application CV / Resume for job engagement with relations to the BT HOTELS & RESORT China.

On the above subject matter, BT HOTELS & RESORT of China management hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment by our recruitment manager.

Further details are as follows:

DESIGNATION: Shift Manager,



SALARY: USD$12,150 00, (Twelve Thousand One Hundred and Fifth Dollars only) monthly/take-home (After tax), Sterling or Euros equivalent depending on home country and currency preference.

BENEFITS: Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, 5 Bedroom Flat Duplex, Free Education for your children both Home and Abroad, New Toyota Camry 2006 revolution and 10 to 15 Days Break / Leave after every 90 Business Working Days.

JOB LOCATION: Benjing China

You shall be expected to resume on site latest before one month counting from this day
Herein, you have been forwarded employers’ prototype of contract terms and conditions via e-mail (Attached) for your perusal and digest; on your satisfaction and agreement with terms and response, you shall be expected to start your job processes and will be sent hard copy of contract document through the TNT courier services for endorsement via your Local Representative. Agreements will also be signed during the job processes.

All Employees are entitled to 3 weeks Paid Leave that can be taken once at a time or 1 week apart one different period.
All Employees will receive US1, 880.00 Take home for each leave Period.
However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance.

Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the Period/time of purchase. Employer shall also take care of employees’ travel ticket including that of employees’ family only on employees’ early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee.


All employees successfully screened and recruited to Resume employment at this new BT HOTELS & RESORT (And not presently possessing a valid Chinese Residence and Work Permits Clearance Papers) shall be expected to personally incur all expenses as shall be related to the processing, procurement and acquisition of their necessary permits clearance papers with the China Immigration Services and shall be duly reimbursed and will be substantiated with receipts and the employer will reimburse the employee not later than Five (5) working days after submission of employee’s expense report and receipts.

You shall be required to furnish us with your valid China residence and work permits papers after ten days from this day as a proof of readiness to join the BT HOTELS & RESORT team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption with the BT HOTELS & RESORT of China and also to enable you receive your first monthly salary including your due entitlements/emoluments prior to your departure for services with the BT HOTELS & RESORT.

However, for expatriate services employees who do not presently posses their valid China residence and Work Permits papers, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their valid residence and work permits papers with the China Immigration Diplomatic Attorney here in China.

Barrister. Mr. Petter Hui
Director Of Employment Visa and Resident Permit
VisaRite Services Inc.
19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100600 People’s Republic of China
Phone: +8613710642412

Note that all China based employees’ are to report personally to our office with identification materials for signing and collection of hard copy of their contract documents. This is in line with the expatriate statuary law of the Federal Republic of China in compliance with the U.N. Terrorism Act.

Congratulations on your success,

—————————————– ———————————————— MRS. Ennie Chui

admin answers:

Dear Friend

I got a letter too. It is a scam. Just forget about it. I have enquired with the consulate and got the details. Some one is trying to make $1,700.00 out of you. It costs only Rs.1150.00 for Chinese visa. You are a lucky person you asked. There are so many who have paid. Forget about it.

Steven asks…

If a company pays you a relo package and then gets purchased, changing the job/comp, r u required 2 pay back?

1 – The company I was initially hired by traded as a public entity on the NYSE. Now we are a subsidiary.
2 – The company I was initially hired by traded offered a Stock Purchase plan and a pension plan ( rare these days.) These benefits have been removed and have not been off set by a similar option. I am no longer offered a stock plan or a pension plan.
3 – Other things have changed as well. 401K requires 3 years of employment to be vested.
4 – I was to be involved with SEC reporting working with the CFO who interviewed me and as a subsidiary I do not interact with the CFO and we do not perform SEC reporting.
5- As a result of the acquisition it took several months before I was able to perform the position I was hired for. I was told my project was put on ice.
6 – Business card states old NYSE Symbol.

Agreement states if I am not terminated or dead I am required to payback within 2 years.

admin answers:

If you didn’t actually relocate, then yes – you’ll have to pay it back.

Joseph asks…

Historically, the imperialists eventually jump ship with the goods?

If you look at history, aquiring wealth has been about going to a place acquiring wealth before the locals really understand how to access it themselves or before they realise that they are being ripped off. Imperialism as well as all other business enterprises and scams have worked this way. ‘Take the money and run’ as the song goes or at least make money while you can.

In recent decades the world has become more globalised and the world’s rich are more any more countryless in their money-making practises. Meanwhile, your average joe is still attached to his homeland like an Aztec in Peru or Indian under British rule. The poor and middle-class peoples are tied to their nations while the elite are free to search the world for ooportunity. This may be as it was in the past days of colonialism/Imperialism. Whatever the case the world’s wealth is not in gold anymore so ships aren’t needed to move it. It can move over a wire to any location desired in the world. Those who exploit wealth still hold the values of hundreds of years. They get it and move on looking for more.

The strange case of the present is that rather than having that homebase which benefited from asset acquisition, the motherland, there is none. The elite in an instant can find a new home and easily aquire residency since they will bring massive assets to their new home.

It’s a fact that in the US wages have been declining for more than a decade for most people based on historical figures of wages. At the same time jobs have been shifted abroad to places like China, India and the Philippines It’s all logical based on our economic model. With all this though, the average joe in America has been put in the world labor pool and now his wealth is based on international wage rates. He can only expect more decline based on this. The financial future for the majority of people in America looks bleak to put it bluntly. But those at the top still have the system working for them and the are not tied to any one country.

Now my point. What do you expect from the elite who benefit from America? Will they eventually leave the nation as the quality of life errodes or do you see them as some sort of patriots who for whatever reason will stay in the US? What do they need a nation for if that nation doesn’t require anything from them? We really have little demands on those who do business here or import their goods to our nation. It’s a win for those in business but a failure for the workers and living standards of average Americans. It’s not just America by the way; I just took that perspective because I’m American.

Your thoughts?

admin answers:

I think this is an accurate assessment of the situation. Of course the problem is that people have adopted a foolish notion of what wealth is.

In thousands of years of human history man has not adapted to such a degree that he can digest gold.

Lowered standards of living is a highly subjective standard. How many would trade 45 years as a feral cat for their 75 as a house cat?
I realize that most of the world measures wealth in terms of material comfort and the like. If consciousness does survive this mortal coil we take none of that with is possible that we take our experiences with us. I’ll play the odds while determining my values.

Knowledge that permits true self reliance is the only actual wealth in this reality. The richest man in the world who lives in the material paradigm requires an entire system to eat. The self reliant require only themselves. So what is all the wealth in the world worth if the man with the knowledge decides that he will keep his knowledge to watch the wealthy man die off? It is a stretch of course but that awakening is possible.

The Kali Yuga approaches.

Lisa asks…

Does this job sound good- im going in for an interview today hope its not dougy or anything?

I have copy and pasted the most important parts:

Previous Experience in Sales or Customer Service is not required as we provide full client and product training; however previous retail, call centre, customer service or sales experience is welcome.

What we offer;

We currently are recruiting for two of our recruitment programmes, firstly, our sales and customer service programme. Responsibilities here include;
- Generating new customer base for our clients
- Working within an enthusiastic team
- Working towards collective and individual targets
- Customer Service
- Sales Acquisition.

Secondly, we are recruiting for our Business Development Programme. This is a unique opportunity for individuals to progress through our company based purely on individual merit and results. If you are someone who is self motivated and serious about your own career, this would be more suitable for you.

Benefits Include;
- Client / Customer Service/ Sales / Full product training
- Fantastic working environment and social calendar
- Nationally recognised qualifications
- Successful and established team
- Travel opportunities

£250 – £500 per week – Average Earnings.

Im a student and i need money, i hope its not based on how many customers i can fetch.
thank you

admin answers:

I wouldn’t say it’s ‘dodgy’ but yes, it sounds like it’s a commission-based call-centre job with pay based on volumes of new clients, customers and contacts you can gather – somebody who doesn’t perform very well will earn at the bottom end of the stated payscale whilst somebody who is very good at signing up new customers and clients will be paid a commission for each signing they get.

If you’re just looking for a relatively low-pressure job where you do your hours and take your pay, it’s probably not for you.

At the interview, be sure to ask whether there’s a basic salary paid: many sales and marketing jobs are paid by commission only – that is, you get paid per sale/customer sign-up and not by the hour; even if you work 5 hours but make no sales, you are paid nothing.

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