Your Questions About Merger And Acquisition Strategies

Charles asks…

Hi, I am looking for some websites that can provide me with latest news technology and semiconductor industry?

I am looking for news on mergers and Acquisitions, executive moves in computer software, networking, semiconductor and telecommunication industry.. can you suggest some news websites or blogs

admin answers:

Try looking on CNN homepage i think there is a website called or something that has really cool stuff on it.

Betty asks…

Where will i can find the total news of all the mergers and acquisitions taking place in India and abroad?

i want the full story of the news.
i will like to have a website url?

admin answers:

Try WSJ, Barrons, Reuters. Call and ask Brokerage Houses,Lehman Bros., Goldman , Fidelity for guidance to leads

Donald asks…

Anyone know a good website with mergers & acquistions news?

Preferably one with that discusses pending and potential rather than current mergers and acquisitions. Thank you for answering.

admin answers:

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Nancy asks…

how do I get to know the merger and acquisitions deals before everyone else does?

I noticed that whenever a company is about to be acquried by another company, its stock prices go up dramatically on the date of news announcement. I wonder where could I find out about the merger and acquisitions (M&A) cases before it get published. I mean does companies need to register their M&A at certain government institutions or offices?

admin answers:

You cant. If the information isnt public its inside information. And trading on that is illegal. Thats what put Ivan Boesky and Dennis Levine in jail in the 80s. The only thing that could help is watching 13d filings. Investors must disclose their holdings in a 13d when they acquire five percent or more of a companies outstanding shares. Sometimes its a prelude to a takeover or merger. Sometimes its called a toehold. You can find 13d’s here.

Sharon asks…

Is there any software that a day trader could use to get the latest news?

I am an aspiring day trader and I’m looking for software that will alert me to news as soon as it comes out about things such as mergers & acquisitions and FDA approvals. I already have these RSS feeds in my “My Yahoo” page but I need help finding this news as early as possible. Thanks.

admin answers:

You might look at google news and check alerts. I think it allows you to do alerts for any phrase you want. But you have to filter it yourself.

I sometimes do alerts for a particular stock as an option on my listed portfolio if I know something is brewing.

But you are going to get mostly “noise”.

Good Luck

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