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Betty asks…

Mergers and Acquisitions.Are you a Finance professional with a target M&A company ?

We are looking for Merger or Acquisition candidate companies from the U.S.A. and other countries. The ideal M&A candidates we need are Mid-Size companies with annual sales of at least $8,000,000.00 USD and reconstructed profits of at least 8.00%. Send us a brief summary of your candidate company and your direct business e-maill address. Thank you

admin answers:

I will contact some of my friends about this.

David asks…

Are you seeking Mergers and Acquisitions service to sell your company?

If so-please notify us. Send us your direct business e-mail address and a brief summary of your company. We are looking for: Mid-size companies as deal candidates to be merged or acquired, companies with annual sales of at least $8,000,000.00 USD and reconstructed profits of at least 8.00%. We are also interested in M&A candidates from Canada, Latin America, and Asia.

admin answers:

Sorry mate, but this isn’t for running your business here for solicitations.

Why not put a site of your own?

Lizzie asks…

Ok folks list your 5 or 10 year goals……….?

Here are mine…

1.I generated $60,000 in income from August 2007 through July 2008 from appraisal and brokerage work.

2.I am working with a minimum of 30 referral clients that send me at least 1 appraisal a week worth $1000.

3.I have attended 1 NACVA workshop and 1 IBBA workshop that discuss Mergers and Acquisitions.

4.I am learning about commercial real estate.

5.I am completing 5 business sales each year.

6.I have purchased my first business before I turned 40 y/o.

7.I generate an income of $2 million a year before I turned 40 y/o.

I am sensible and in control of my finances. I am creating total financial success in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.

5 year goal: A successful company supporting myself and others that earns me an income of at least $2 million dollars per year after taxes. I have a commercial real estate portfolio worth at least $10 million.

Ideal Scene: At the age of 40 I have an ocean view home in a
Ideal Scene: At the age of 40 I have an ocean view home in a beautiful town of my choice with a loving girlfriend. I am continuing to build my commercial real estate holdings and ownership of other businesses. I am in a position to fly on a private jet. I am healthy and I have great friends and relationships.

I am debt free with a high credit score.
I am free to do what I want to do whenever I want to do it.
I am a CM&AA.
I am a CCIM (A Certified Commercial Investment Member)
I complete 5 business transactions a year that generate $250,000 in fees.
I am involved in international business transactions.
I have purchased my first multi-million dollar company.

admin answers:


5years: Be happy. Have a husband or boyfriend and a dog. Make my screenplay into a movie, even if it’s a low-budget indie no one sees. Be able to pay bills and not worry too much about retirement.

10 years: Be happy. Have a family and a dog. Write & be a stay at home mom. Be able to pay bills and not worry too much about retirement.

Minimally, as long as I’m experiencing life, have a dog and writing, I’ll be happy.

Charles asks…

Mergers and Acquisitions for Finance professionals-Do you want to sell your company?

We are looking for companies to be offered as M&A deal candidates, companies with annual sales of at least $8,000,000.00 USD and reconstructed profits of at least 8.00% Please send us your direct business e-mail address and description of your company to:

admin answers:

No i dont. I dont have a company. Youre welcome.

John asks…

can anyone tell me some micro economic principles that relate to this article?

Phillips-Van Heusen, the clothing conglomerate that owns Calvin Klein, is near a deal to buy Tommy Hilfiger, once a leading purveyor of colorful preppy clothing, for about 2.2 billion euros, or $3 billion, in cash and stock, people briefed on the matter said Sunday night.

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Phillips-Van Heusen, which also owns Arrow and Izod and licenses brands like Geoffrey Beene and Kenneth Cole New York, is hoping to take advantage of Tommy Hilfiger’s strong European distribution channels for its own products, these people said. Despite Tommy Hilfiger’s reputation as a quintessentially American clothier, two-thirds of the company’s business is based in Europe.

A deal could be announced as soon as Monday morning, though these people warned that talks were continuing and a deal might not be reached.

Representatives for the two companies could not be reached for comment.

While Mr. Hilfiger no longer holds a management role at the company that bears his name, he remains a principal designer and a public face for the clothier.

If completed, the deal would be only the latest to emerge from an active market for mergers and acquisitions, as corporate buyers feel more confident in pursuing long-desired targets. A sale of Tommy Hilfiger would be a lucrative exit for its current owner, the British private equity firm Apax Partners. Apax has twice sought an initial public offering for the clothier, and Tommy Hilfiger’s chief executive, Fred Gehring, told Reuters in September that an I.P.O. was the most likely next step for the company.

Speculation had spread about a potential deal between the two companies over recent weeks, including in a report by Women’s Wear Daily. Shares of Phillips-Van Heusen have risen nearly 19 percent in the last month, closing on Friday at $47.74.

Under the proposed terms of the deal, Phillips-Van Heusen will pay a combination of cash and stock, though most of the offer would be in cash. Apax will own about 10 to 15 percent of the American clothing company. Phillips-Van Heusen is expected to take on a significant amount of debt as part of the transaction.

Phillips-Van Heusen management, led by Emanuel Chirico, will remain in New York, and Tommy Hilfiger’s will remain in Amsterdam.

A deal would provide yet another owner for Hilfiger, whose founder has weathered a series of ups and downs over the last two decades. Cashing in on the craze for his particular brand of prep — emblazoned with a stylized American flag — Mr. Hilfiger was among the first American designers to take his company public.

His clothing changed with the times, gaining popularity among rap stars as its proportions swelled to take advantage of trends in streetwear. The effect was a hipper Polo Ralph Lauren, with bigger jeans and baggier T-shirts.

But by the late 1990s Tommy Hilfiger became unfashionable, a victim of fickle customer tastes.

The company was eventually sold in 2006 to Apax and European management, led by Mr. Gehring, for about $1.6 billion in cash.

Under Apax and Mr. Gehring, Tommy Hilfiger has staged a big recovery. In 2007, it struck a deal with Macy’s that gave the department store giant exclusive sales rights for its clothing. Tommy Hilfiger also sells its clothing at its own branded stores and sells licensed products like fragrances elsewhere.

The company has also sought to reclaim its preppy heritage, slimming down its sizes and returning to an image of young American aristocrats at play. That has rejuvenated the company’s fortunes, first in Europe and then elsewhere.

The company shares some ties with Phillips-Van Heusen: the American conglomerate already owns a license to produce some Tommy Hilfiger clothing.

admin answers:

This is a clasic long winded Yahoo question by someone that needs to write something from school and expects to get an answer without doing the work. You wasted everyones time including your own. You stand a very good chance of flunking this class because the adminstration is constantly looking for cheaters pulling this stunt. You have been reported to the authorities.

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