Your Questions About Merger And Acquisition Strategies

Carol asks…

Starting a management consulting?

what would be some sound steps for a great manager to go on their own and start a freelance management company from client acquisition to business strategy?
Im not a manager. My friend is. He’s been an extraordinary manager at a Rental Car company as well as staffing company. Im trying to help him get some direction on becoming a consultant who helps identifes management flaws in other companies and creates worklflows that allow these companies to meet their goals

admin answers:

Get an appointment with a local counselor at SCORE by going to : and inputting your zip code for the office nearest you. The counselor at SCORE will most likely advise you to write a business plan which is very good advice because it will force you to dig out all of the start up details and the costs of starting a freelance management company and force you to also understand all of the aspects of this business including the customers you’ll concentrate on (your market ) and how you’ll go after them.

You’ll need to register the company with your state controller’s office and make sure that you have any applicable city and county licenses needed where you live. All of this will come out in a business plan.

Try this link : and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and starting a business.
Good Luck

Thomas asks…

Would someone help me with my resume for financial analyst?

Looking to get into a business or financial analyst position to gain some related experience before I start my MBA in Finance. If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Obtain a position where I can leverage my critical thinking skills and ability to analyze information to solve problems and create better profits for the organization.


Middle Tennessee State University, Bachelors of Business Administration, June 2005


Job Title, Company April 2006-Present
__________ls is a multi-location company consisting of two separate divisions, construction equipment sales and leasing and event rentals and planning. I am involved in all aspects of business development including strategic planning, direct sales, and operations. Selected accomplishments include:
•Build sales through a variety of methods including marketing, advertising, and training for sales associates.
•Create and maintain a budget based on projected sales and expense reports.
•Worked on an acquisition project of two locations including both rental and resale inventory from Classic Party Rentals one of the largest event planners in the country.
•Develop plans to expand our client base and new product and services to better serve all our customers.
•Helped to structure the sale of 1MM commercial real estate transaction in which we saved the company from putting 25% down by purchasing the corporation and its assets and debts rather than just the property.
•Constantly working to build and maintain the close working relationship with both customers and vendors that are vital to making a business profitable.
•Work closely with President and CEO to determine long and short term goals as well as strategies to help us obtain those goals.
•Solve problems quickly and effectively as they arise whether they are customer complaints, employee relation problems, or a sudden change in delivery schedules which could cost everyone time and money.
•Developed several new policies which combined cut cost by $30,000 per year without costing the company any money to implement.
•Strive to ensure that customer service plays a key role, and maintain it to the level that we expect through a variety of methods such as customer feedback and continued training for employees.

Title, Company July 2008-Present
________________ is a real estate investment company specializing in speculation, rentals, and property management. It has traditionally been focused in residential property but has recently started venturing into small commercial properties. General responsibilities include:

•Oversee investments to ensure portfolio remains focused on our business strategy and evaluate new opportunities to confirm that it meets company cap rate requirements.
•Negotiate terms of contracts from both the buyer and seller standpoint as well as lease agreements.
•Obtain financing for new purchases from multiple lending sources such as traditional bank financing and
private money lenders.
•Perform a number of financial evaluations using Excell such as Debt Service Coverage Ratio, calculation of Capitalization Rate, Net Operating Income, and others.
•Ultimately responsible for profit and loss of all properties under management.


Title, Company June 2005-April 2006
•Inside and outside sales and rentals of various construction equipment and services.
•I sold our single account to date which allowed for a 200% growth in our materiel lift inventory, and has been 1/10 of our annual sales for the past four years.
•Listen closely to customers to determine their needs and determine how we are best able to meet those needs.
•Schedule sales meetings with potential clients to introduce them to our services.

Title, Company August 2004-May 2005
•Various functions within the company including, sales, fabrication, installation and maintenance.
•Helped owner branch into textured sign market.


•Chosen to speak in the Tennessee State House of Representatives regarding the creation of several new laws.
•Elected as Secretary for the United Athletic Organization where I worked with members of many different organizations on a variety of community projects.
•Nominated by one of my professors to attend The National Forum on Law in Washington D.C.

admin answers:

Reorder education so your degree is before the school name (to match the theme in experience).
Use the same tense throughout – most people choose past tense.
Spell check – excell, materiel
Perhaps add a one line Technical Skills section listing the systems you’ve worked with
I would remove pronouns like I, we, us, our. For example, the objective could start with: Obtain a position that leverages my critical thinking skills…

Susan asks…

Media reviewers called MSNBC’s election night coverage “a liberal whine-fest absent newscasters and even a….?

…..single conservative counter-weight.” and “like watching The View without Elizabeth Hasselbeck.” Will the Comcast acquisition clean house and address this embarrassment and restore actual news coverage to MSNBC when hard news events (e.g. elections) are underway?

I would counter that anyone wanting the hard news approach can simply tune into to NBC (and the familiar newscasters and news reporters to be found there) while those who want to hear from pundits can tune to MSNBC — so what’s the harm? BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will Comcast address the ratings disaster that is MSNBC by introducing a more balanced cast of personalities (perhaps along the lines of CNN) or should it continue to focus exclusively on a hard-left audience and consider MSNBC just a specialty channel not meant for broader appeal?

Regardless of whether you consider the MSNBC business strategy sound, do you think Comcast will change it? (Or will whining about Fox News continue to crowd out analysis of the news itself? Maddow and Obermann can be entertaining sometimes, but the endless envy and complaining about Fox News’ superior ratings gets old after a while.)

Interesting observations — but do you think that Comcast will make major changes?

admin answers:

I just watched the clip. Not a journalist to be found at MSNBC.

Hard left “news” reporters see their work as to wage guerrilla theater against conservatives. Remember when Pres. Bush held a news conference, only to be asked by every reporter if he would apologize for the war in Iraq? That was orchestrated guerrilla theater, and they successfully embarrassed the President, who was expecting serious questions.

Chris Matthews tried to bait Michelle Bachman by repeatedly challenging her about a comment made two years ago rather than covering the obvious story of a sea-change in American politics. Masterfully, Bachman stayed on target and stung Matthews about his “thrill goes up my leg” with Obama comments. Bachman has learned to deal with tendentious “news” reporters–refuse the bait, stay on message, and taunt the leftists for their descent into banality.

I don’t care if MSNBC wants to have a liberal whine-fest, but to call it news coverage is false advertising.


Steven asks…

Was this sent to the wrong person?

I gotten an email that landed in my junk mail. Read below

Special Situation Report?
From: karina montesinos olivares (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as safe
Sent:October 19, 2009 6:07:49 AM
Successful companies aren’t born, they’re made – and they have to work their way from humble beginnings and through the ranks just like everyone else. When it comes to our microcap stock investing, I’m in it to win and win big ? and that means the goal is never to hit less than a few 10-baggers in every microcap bull cycle. This week we’ve identified one microcap stock that is on its way to changing the game in its respective market, The Wyncrest Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: WNCG – News), an innovative a niche insurance consortium. The company has six planned acquisitions that could catapult the company?s revenues to

$50,000,000.00 in 2010! The stock is currently trading at $0.05 and our near term target is $0.43. Load up on WNCG before all the trend chasers… and cash out while short traders continue tripping over themselves. Watch for big swings upward and momentum trading in WNCG as the stock continues to gain momentum and trade under the radar of the Wall Street traders.

WNCG is also in negotiations with several acquisition targets developed over an ongoing two-year campaign to find distressed agencies and consolidate contract assets under one lower cost platform. Through its Wyncrest Offshore Services Division, the Company is expanding into the growing offshore insurance and reinsurance market by offering a variety of services and products, including a liability program for helicopter flight training schools and non-owner helicopter pilots, and a line of Warranty Service Policies operating as a controlled foreign corporation. Royalty income is expected from licensing insurance products patented under a new category of business methods, a strategy taken only by a few in a new class of small innovative insurance companies leading the industry! Don?t let this super gem slip through your hands. – BUY

that isnt my email but is close to mine ( so my question is, why was this sent to me? I sent the other dan guy an email and never said it was not delivered (failure email never came up as it usually does when the email address is wrong so this email does exist.)

admin answers:

It is an OLD SCAMMERs trick.

They hope it will “excite” you enough to do whatever they ask.

They deliberately SPAM millions of people.

They don’t need many to fall for it to keep doing it.

Please report them as SPAM and to the FCC.

Sandra asks…

Employment Opportunities in Tampa, FL?

Sales/ Marketing/ Management/ Operation/ Real Estate Acquisition/ Financial Analysis Real Estate/ Marketing/ Advertising/ Product Branding/ Community Relations/ Acquisition & Development Financing/ Project Management/ Health care/ Wine & Spirits/ Real Estate Government Entitlement/ Permitting Real Estate/ Utilities/ Green Industries/ Energy/ Business Development/ Client Relations/ Finance/ Product Promotions/ Tabacco/ Regional Real Estate Evaluation/

Experienced high-level manger, developer and salesman. Twenty-five years of involvement in real estate, retail, construction, hospitality, technology, safety, and medical support industries. Executive with a proven record of simultaneously handling multiple diverse responsibilities. Able to achieve the goals of a particular business venture, and adapt to the client customer relations associated with that business. Assertive, proac-tive professional with experience. A proven track record of closing sales, farming new clients, and growing revenue from new and existing accounts. Accomplishments reflect attention to detail, policies, regulations and procedures. Highly personable approach to providing superior customer service, identifying and antici-pating customer needs.

BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Recovery 2010 -2010
Division head of offshore skimming vessels for the Gulf. Managed procurement, logistics, communications, contract evaluation and negotiations, foreign liaison, safety, and technical equipment. Managed an operation with a one hundred million dollar budget. Responsible for over one hundred personnel. Rapidly learned new skills, procedures, technologies, policies and regulations. Learned and adapted skills to respond to the greatest man made disaster in United States history.

Vice President, Byrd Corporation, Saint Petersburg, Florida1998-2010
Recruited to create a land development division for an industry leading Real Estate Development Company. Managed an entity that handled acquisitions, entitlement, planning, permitting, marketing, financing, con-struction, contract negotiations, community relations, governmental compliance, and sales of several master planned communities and commercial developments. Staff of five project managers (5), support staff (15) and independent contractor / professionals (100+)

Owner & General Manager, Greater Florida Rehabilitation, Clearwater, Florida1996-1998
Established and operated a certified Medicare licensed rehabilitation clinic. Created and implemented poli-cies for clinic procedures, client relations, medical billing, budgeting, marketing and financial strategies. Ex-panded clinic growth through networking and prospecting

Regional Sales Director, E&J Gallo Wines / Bayou Beverage, Houston, Texas1994-1996
Reported directly to the President. Supervised District Managers (15), Sales Representatives (150), and support staff(175+) through daily account planning, weekly sales meetings, sales seminars, territory man-agement oversight, market share growth research and implementation of strategic marketing. Collaborated with owners and producers of portfolio products to maximize marketing and development of new products.

District Manager, E&J Gallo Wines / Quality Distributor, Houston, Texas1991-1993
Hired, trained, and managed a staff of ten salesmen and additional support staff in the sales of portfolio products. Instructed team on how to manage effectively manage districts, farm new customers, grow exist-ing accounts, close sales, conduct wine tasting, marketing and sales seminars, and maintain clients’ ser-vices and satisfaction. Consistently exceeded sales goals every quarter.

Wine Sales Representative, E&J Gallo Wines / Block Distributor, Austin, Texas 1990-1991
Honored as Sales Representative of the year. Recruited by Gallo through their national recruiting program. Responsibilities included developing new accounts, implementing sales presentations, calling on major re-gional and national accounts, growing revenue from accounts, positioned products to corporate standards, developing and implementing marketing strategies with retailers, educating retailers and profit potential.

Education – Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL – BS – Economics / Business

Interest – performing arts, reading, networking, travel, music and family time with my wife and twins

admin answers:

Why don’t you put this thing on a job site.
Do you really think recruiters will come to y!Answers looking out for skilled labor?


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