Your Questions About Merger And Acquisition Strategies

Mandy asks…

Examples of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) strategies in the Global Transportation and Logistics Industry.?

Hi I am in a need to find some success stories and limitations of firms releated to global transportation and logistics industry.
E.g. : FedEx and Caliber inc..
I found only this and i should write this assinmnt and cannot find any other good detail while browsing the whole day,… Please if you cant state down some.. information would really appriciate..Thanks..

admin answers:

Hi… I am also seeking for this answer on fedex and caliber but haven’t found much data on it…

George asks…

What performance metrics could I use to evaluate the impact of mergers and acquisition on hedging?

I am investigating root and cause factors of post merger performance of an organization impacted by the hedging strategy assumed post-merger. Does the chosen hedging startegy forecasted during due diligence and if so, does it impact on the returns(risk premia) bidder shareholders should demand? What metrics pre and post merger can I use to explore this?

admin answers:

Homework hard to day then

Steven asks…

Name few good books on Management?

Please suggest few good books on these topics:
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Corporate Restructuring
- Business Strategy Planning & Analysis
- Portfolio Management
- Consultancy (or Retail consultancy)
- Corporate Tax Planning

Looking for books which have good reviews and stars.

admin answers:

“the prince” by Machiavelli;

Daniel asks…

How to get data on Jaguar and Land Rover?

Actually i’m working on my dissertation..Its about Post-Merger Integration.. I’m writing a chapter on Jaguar-Land Rover’s History and context..I searched it on google but I’m just getting the History(about its cars and product launches) not about the company and how they carry on the day to day activities, the challenges they faced during different acquisitions and also Corporate Strategy.
Please help me, I’m worried its very important or else I’ll lose marks..
It would be helpful if you suggest some websites..

admin answers:

These links should help. The Edmunds items are brief but factual. The other two go into much more detail about the corporate strategies involved in the brands’ histories. Good luck.


Linda asks…

Is Mitt Romney the conservative real deal because he is very religious & only run to help Americans? SO WRONG

Romney is a former CEO of Bain & Company,

“….We work with top management to beat their competitors and generate substantial, lasting financial impact.

We look at a business as an integrated, cohesive whole. Bain helps companies find where to make their money, make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer. We help make the big decisions: on strategy, organization, operations, technology, and mergers & acquisitions.

Where appropriate, we work with clients to make it happen – which may mean fundamentally changing the company.

Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo. …”

Offices in China, INDIA, Japan, Korea, Europe, South America…

Also the Founder of Bain Capital

Mitt Romney = a younger Dick Cheney!!!

Americans = His Cattle farm

admin answers:

Romney is okay.
Better by hundreds of times of any of the Commie Democrats running.
Americans = Their peasants.

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