what’s the difference between a strategic alliance and a merger/acquisition ?

Susan asks…

what’s the difference between a strategic alliance and a merger/acquisition ?

Craig Roggow answers:

In a strategic alliance, two or more organizations agree to work together toward some shared interest. This has happened when two companies team up for a research effort. They may create a third entity, called a joint venture, or they may simply agree to work together on some limited basis.

A merger or acquisition results in one or more organizations simply disappearing. Delta bought Northwest Airlines (an acquisition). While the name Northwest may continue to be used for marketing purposes, the company no longer exists.

Daimler Benz and Chrysler merged several years ago. The result was one company, DaimlerChrysler. That company split apart recently when the Chrysler division of DaimlerChrysler was sold off.

Hope this helps.

Michael asks…

Is there a published list of merger and acquisition activity involving UK companies?

I need to know purchase price and dates for a university study I have coming up. Preferably this list will cover the last 3yrs minimum and include private to private, public to private, MBOs and MBI’s. Thank-you.

Craig Roggow answers:

Here is a link, http://www.statistics.gov.uk/STATBASE/Product.asp?vlnk=72, to a website maintained by the British Government that provides data on merger and acquisition activity involving UK companies.

Hopes this help.


Linda asks…

How to achieve a successful merger or acquisition?

Majority partner in a small manufacturing firm with annual sales of approx. $30MM, have distribution network in North America, Europe and small sector in Asia. I’m looking for M&A opportunities.

Craig Roggow answers:

What types of opportunities, there are many out there?

John asks…

anybody else besides me has their job up in the air from a merger/acquisition besides me, how are you coping?

times are harder than ever before, looks like “technology” is not really beneficial to society and the people in charge of this country did a poor job for so long

Craig Roggow answers:

It is very hard. Put in a lot of years and overtime (which we weren’t paid for because we were told that if you put in extra time it will get you promoted). The management told us not to quit at the merger because we were going to be alright. They started laying people off two weeks after the merger and had dismissed most of the employees within a month. By the way, the management of our company all left with more than a million dollars each. Sometimes life sucks.

Nancy asks…

Merger and acquisition data for venture capitalists?

I want to know what kind of m & a data do venture capitalists require. i am doing a study on VCs. Can anybody help?

Craig Roggow answers:

Sorry I wish I could but I have no idea :(

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