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Monopoly for Self-Interest

By: Craig W. Roggow Download this PowerPoint Presentation Abstract This article and educational/training video presentation was created as an assignment for Merger and Acquisitions: Due Diligence Report, MGT 635, Week 6 Project, Option 2—Antitrust Comparison; from the course study guide (pg 157) and text book, Mergers, Acquisitions, and other Restructuring Activities, 6/E (DePamphilis, 2012).  This … Continue reading

Understanding Merger and Acquisition Strategies

What is Merger and Acquisition Strategies Merger and acquisition strategies in the corporate world are needed when one company is aiming to grow its asset base and also expand its shareholding in the stock market. When two equal companies decide to come together, share resources and make one entity, we call it corporate merge but … Continue reading