How much do tax accounts make?

Ken asks…

How much do tax accounts make?

I want to know how much tax accountants at the big 4 and large regional firms make. I’d also like to know their promotion track and their exit oportunities.

I hard tax accountants can get jobs in mergers and acquisitions, i’d like to know how much they make and doing what exactly?

Also how much traveling does a tax accountant have to do. I am more interested in tax than audit, one of the factors being travel.

Craig Roggow answers:

They can make $35k starting to WELL over $150k. FYI….auditors travel MUCH more than tax accountants.

Thomas asks…

Why is my son going to a terrible company?

Hi my son says after graduation he had a job as a mergers & acquisitions analyst a morgan stanley which i have never heard of so it cant be that good, i told him he can get a better job and i have friends at the local bank of america branch who can get him a teller job but he refuses. Why is he so stubborn? I tried calling morgan stanley to decline the offer but they need his word and he wont give it to me. How can i forge his signature

Craig Roggow answers:

This appears to be a hoax or you don’t understand finance very well. An M&A job with Morgan Stanley is a much better job with better pay than working as a teller at Bank of America. You need to allow your son to make his own choices.

Linda asks…

Did you know that my new job in mergers and acquisitions, I merged Ben & Jerry’s with Slim Fast?

And, American Tobacco Company with American Cancer Society!

Craig Roggow answers:

? ? That’s just not right ? ?

George asks…

To get a job in Investment Banking – M&A; what is better, Masters in Finance or Masters in Accounting?

If I want to get a job in Investment Banking – Mergers and Acquisitions; would it be better for me to get my Masters degree in Finance or Accounting? I am a current undergrad, double majoring in both Finance and Accounting. I just want to know what would be more likely to land me a job after school.

Craig Roggow answers:

You should choose MBA in finance or CFA or CPA but CFA or MBA in finance will work inshaAllah.All the best.

William asks…

Finance degree or Accounting?

I really want to get a job working in mergers and acquisitions. But I also want to work in Securities. Which degree would be better for me in order to do both. Obviously I need to get a Master’s degree to be competitve, but which degree would be more marketable within those specific fields?

Craig Roggow answers:

Totally go for finance, or even economics. Accounting classes dont teach you anything about securities and all the other fun stuff. While finance classes cover all of the usefully basics about accounting. Plus, finance is less boring than acct.

For your masters, finance + econ would be great.

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