Has anyone ever heard of a finance company in Ireland with the name Express Match offering?

Linda asks…

Has anyone ever heard of a finance company in Ireland with the name Express Match offering?

They are offering to see a car if you pay them 120 euro up front. I just want to know if they are genuine.

Craig Roggow answers:

My honest opinion. Don’t do business with businesses outside the U.S. Unless they are a big company and you know who they are ex. Sony. Most of the time, once you send them money (out of the country) they can run off with it and there is nothing you can do about it. If you insist on doing business with them check them out on these sites first.



James asks…

Does Memory Express Offer Financing on Custom Computers?

I am interested in building and buying a gaming computer from Memory Express. I’m a teenager and I can’t afford the price all at once. Would it be possible for me to finance the computer in Canada, and would anyone know the interest rate? I looked but couldn’t find anything on their website. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Craig Roggow answers:

If you are looking to finance with an online store, then the answer is no. Not to mention that you are probably to young to get any financing at all. Get a part time job, save your money and then purchase what you want.

Ken asks…

How can I eliminate a Spanish-speaking American Express commercial on my Yahoo! Finance page?

Craig Roggow answers:

Right click on the ad, select properties, and then see what the URL is of the site outputting the ad. It may be something like ads.yimg.com, ad.doubleclick.net, etc.

Put the appropriate entries in your system’s HOSTS file:

Save the HOSTS file and close all browser windows and restart IE. After this, you will either get a small box with an X in it or a box saying “The page cannot be displayed, yadda, yadda . . .

Note: For XP the HOSTS file is located at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetcHOSTS.

There is also the possibility that the add is a Flash Player ad. It is possible to change your flash player settings to block the site generating the ad.

Nancy asks…

Can anyone explain to me what express path financing is?

When a realtor lists a house and it says eligible for express path financing. Please call for details.

Craig Roggow answers:

ExpressPath Financing
ExpressPath—a fast, cost effective way to finance your home designed with YOUR needs in mind.
ExpressPath is brought to you by PHH Mortgage and is available to borrowers purchasing eligible properties for their
primary residence.
ExpressPath Benefits for Homebuyers Include:
A Fast and Simple Loan Decision Process . . . Allows you to get a loan decision—not merely a pre-qualification
—in as few as 20 minutes. Most importantly, there are NO up-front application fees.
Seller– Paid Closing Cost Assistance . . . Reduces the challenges you might face regarding down payment and
closing cost requirements. With ExpressPath, a property appraisal* is not required and the seller will pay the
borrower’s closing costs, excluding pre-paids. A PHH loan consultant can provide you with details.
Lender Service Guarantees . . . PHH Mortgage provides ExpressPath borrowers with outstanding service guarantees
to give you the confidence your loan decision is the right one. Guarantees include Same Day Loan Decision, a $500
Best Price Guarantee**, and a Closing Date Guarantee that reduces your rate by 1/8th of 1% if the closing date is
Great Service . . . Friendly loan consultants are there when you need them. PHH Mortgage has a team of experienced,
bilingual loan professionals to assist you with your loan application or answer questions. They are available Monday
through Friday from 8:30 a.m. To 8:00 p.m. EST and on Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST.
Customized Loan Products . . . ExpressPath includes a wide array of fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage products
with competitive pricing and down payment options with borrower contributions as low as $500, and up to 100%
financing available for qualified borrowers.
How To Apply
1. Call toll free (866) 366-2736 to speak with a loan consultant
2. Provide a limited set of pertinent financial information about you and any co-borrowers
• Social Security #
• Employment information for last 2 years
• Income (W-2s and Paystubs) and asset information
• Property purchase price
• Requested loan amount
3. Receive your loan decision within minutes

David asks…

express finance?

Craig Roggow answers:

Sounds like the name of a scamming loan company. IF you are considering dealing with them, you might check the BBB or the state’s Atty General;

Or give us a bit more info.

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