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Strategic Management

By: Craig W. Roggow Download this PowerPoint presentation   Abstract: This article is written as an assignment in Managing Innovation Integrating Technology, MGT 626, Week 6 Project, Option – 1; from the course text book, Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (Schilling, 2010). In the field of management innovation, strategic management is one of the most fundamental aspects. This … Continue reading

Organizational Development within Xerox

By: Craig Roggow Download This PowerPoint Abstract: This paper is written as an assignment in Organizational Change & Development in Management Systems(MGT 615), Educational /Training Video Course 6.  In this final summary report and video training, I combine the past 5-Week Mini Projects, further emphasizing the importance of going below the waterline for strategic change … Continue reading

Why Offshoring Matters Today

By: Craig Roggow  Download This PowerPoint Abstract: This article is written as an assignment in Global Economics, ECO 615, Educational/Training Video Course 6, at CalUniversity. In this discussion report and video training course, I discuss the historical topic of offshoring, and how globalization is a driving force. The nature of trade has changed dramatically over … Continue reading

Is College or a Professional Degree Worth the Investment?

By: Craig Roggow Download This Presentation Background: College education has become increasingly more expensive. This reality has caused many potential students to question whether or not their college education is worth the cost. However, an even more important question might be asked, “Will going to college or graduate school payoff as an investment for you?” … Continue reading